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NO1 REAL ESCORTS agency is feeling proud in welcoming you to the official portal of hiring premium and genuine Mumbai Escorts Services. It is always the matter of debate whether availing these services are legitimate or not but there is no doubt in the fact that this industry is growing very rapidly. The growth rate of Escort industry is much more than any normal industry. Only the porn industry has more growth than this. In India, there is no official porn industry so there is no industry near about the growth of the escort industry. Although there are some unofficial porn stars in India they have to work secretly and there is no official data about this. So, we can say that the escort service industry is the only official way to generate very high revenue at very low or zero investment.

What we have for you?

The first thing that we always look for is the menu whenever we visit any restaurant or any other service industry. In the same way, we always demand the list of products when we want to purchase something. But when it comes to the escort industry, the only thing we have to serve the independent Mumbai escort girls. So obviously we will show you the list of available escort girls as the menu to you. But we should always consider one thing that all escort agencies in Mumbai have the same menu i.e. the escort girls. All restaurants have breakfast, lunch, and dinner to offer but we always keep visiting only one or two rapidly. The main reason behind this is not the items on the menu but the quality of the items. So you will find female escort everywhere but we have the best female escorts in Mumbai.

It is not like that we have only a few escort girls and they are of premium quality. NO1 REAL ESCORTS agency has variety in the menu as well i.e. we have a lot of girls to serve you. When it comes to the type of Mumbai escorts available at our agency, you will find different types of escort girls. We have a wide variety of available escort girls from busty housewife escorts to the foreigner escort from Russia & Japan. The other type of escort girls includes black escorts, college girl escorts, VIP escorts, model escorts, and independent escorts. So as a complete package we have more than a hundred girls representing us. So just choose from a wide array of stunning babes and have the best moments of your life.

Brief History of No1 Real Escorts Agency

If you talk about having experience of five to seven years in any other industry, it is quite not impressive at all. But when it comes to having the same experience in the escort industry, it is huge. The main reason behind this is that almost every independent Mumbai escort work just for seven to ten years. She will remain stable in the industry only if she starts her own escort agency. In the same sense, the NO1 REAL ESCORTS agency was started by a veteran independent escort ROSHNI. After serving more than 200 clients in an interval of three years, she starts her own agency. You must be wondering that 200+ is very small for an interval of three years. But she was concerned about the quality of day one. So she never serves any doubtful clients and most of the clients were her repeat clients.


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The NO1 REAL ESCORTS agency was started five years ago with just five female escorts in Mumbai. The owner itself had vast experience in the industry and clients. So with steady growth, we are proud to have more than 100 independent as well as agency escorts to represent us. Initially, we just used to serve in the Juhu beach area but now our services are accessible in most of the four to five-star hotels in all localities of Mumbai. Whether you want our services in the Navi Mumbai area or in the old areas like Central Mumbai, our escort girls will be with you within one hour. Our services are accessible in almost every locality of Mumbai, but for the remote locations our charges may vary and you may have to pay for the transportation as well.

Growth of Mumbai Escorts Industry

The existence of this business is since the ancient time all over the world so India is not an exception in itself. But in the last ten to fifteen years, it rapidly grows in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, and Chennai. Although it grows all over India, but the growth of this industry in Delhi and Mumbai is always exceptional. The main reason behind the growth of the Mumbai escort industry is the rate of growth of Mumbai itself. This city is now becoming famous for its skyscrapers and business complexes while getting the love for Bollywood and movies from all over the world. Whatever the reason for these two, people keep coming to Mumbai from all over the world as well as India. In both cases, people have to stay here away from their loved ones which turn them frustrated after the hectic schedule.

There are several reasons behind the success of the Mumbai escort industry but we can highlight a few mentioned below.

  • The increasing number of skyscraper & business complexes: Mumbai is known as the economic capital of India and there is no doubt in this. It is the highest tax paying city in the country. So there is no surprise in the development of skyscrapers and business complexes. Both of these are essential for the growth of the city and to attract people from all over the world. Businessmen from all over the world invest these days in Mumbai. They themselves or their business representatives keep visiting the city for corporate meeting and other reasons. These guys need a companion at the end of the day to please them so they keep hiring paid companionship services from these escort agencies. Such guys have no issue about the money so eventually, they become regular customers of these agencies and hence play a very important role in their success. NO1 REAL ESCORTS agency almost serves more than 50 business persons every week and most of them are our regular clients.
  • Modeling & Bollywood Industry: The other reason for which Mumbai is famous is its modeling and movie industry known as Bollywood. Interesting people in the same keep visiting Mumbai and hence increase the revenue for escort agencies. This factor is helpful for agencies in both aspects. It also fulfills the demand of escort girls as well as generates the demand. If an interesting guys visit Mumbai to make carrier in the industry, he will eventually hire the escort services and hence play an important role in generating the demand. If the aspirant is a girl and struggling to make a carrier, she will eventually become part of the Mumbai escort industry to earn extra money as well as to maintain a high standard life. And hence fulfill the demand of independent female escorts. NO1 REAL ESCORTS agency itself represents more than 10 struggling models and displays them as model escorts on our website.
  • The nightlife of Mumbai: Nightlife of any city plays a very important role in the growth of the escort industry. It is famous for Mumbai that it is a city that never sleeps. The nightlife in Mumbai is very colorful and people keep visiting pubs and discotheque till late at night. But like all other cities, you have to pay a hefty amount if you are not visiting them as a couple. So most of the people hire some hot and spicy female escorts in Mumbai just to accompany them. After getting booze there, they may get intimate and have a passionate encounter in their hotel room or private apartment. NO1 REAL ESCORTS agency provides Mumbai female escorts to almost 100 people every week to accompany these exotic places.

Book Escorts in Mumbai for Dream Date

What is a dream date in your opinion? A hot and charming girl accompanying you to your favorite place and having fun is what you expect from a date. But are you really lucky for this? It is very hard to maintain a relationship these days especially in cities like Mumbai. This is why most of the struggling people try to avoid getting into a relationship. But like every normal people, they also have sexual cravings and need someone to satisfy it. Escort agencies like Http://no1realescorts.com/ are in the market as the solution to this. You can choose the girl of your dreams from these agencies and go on a date with them. The one interesting aspect of this date is that your girl will behave accordingly. So, stop wasting time alone in your bedroom. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the erotic world of Mumbai with these premium female escorts in Mumbai.

The other important aspect of these paid dates is that there is no string attached to this. So, you needn’t maintain a relationship and you could concentrate on other important things in life. So, the paid escort services in Mumbai come with all the benefits of a girlfriend but she will not be your liability after having fun with them. You just need to pay for their services and you could hire them only when you feel the need for them. The last but most important benefit of hiring escort services in Mumbai is that you could change your partner every time. Just choose the girl and have fun.


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Being the financial capital of India, the city of Mumbai attracts global travelers of different types, such as international business travelers, global tourists who come for vacation, and so on. You are at the right place to spent time with our Hottest Mumbai Escorts .

The city of Mumbai is also known for housing many global as well as Indian companies and hence has a continuous floating population of all types of travelers in all parts of the year. Entertaining such busy adult travelers has become mandatory for the people who involve in the adult entertainment industry.

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  • When you are seeking some pleasure from Mumbai Independent escorts, you have the choice of choosing the right agency as there are innumerable players operating in this adult entertainment industry.
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  • Our Mumbai Independent Escorts are not only young but also elegant with their appearance. Besides English, they speak many International languages to converse freely with clients from various countries.
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  • Besides offering you sexual pleasure, our escorts form a perfect guide to take you around Mumbai as they know every corner of this wonderful and ever-busy city.

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  • Being an established agency in the field of adult entertainment, No1realescorts.com hire all types of Mumbai escort girls according to your personal needs. It is purely your choice to pick the right woman you want, ranging from East Indian woman to a gorgeous Asian escort.
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  • No1realescorts.com always take into consideration you and our Mumbai escorts, which is of paramount importance for us all the time.
  • When it comes to recruitment, our escorts are fully screened as well background checked in order to offer you perfect safety while providing the needs of you.
  • We ensure a perfect professional relationship between you and our escorts and nothing beyond that. Our Mumbai escorts never intrude in your life further after completing her ‘business.’ You have no chance of meeting the same escort again unless you make a request with us.
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